Frequently Asked Questions


With full discretion, devices can be purchased both by legal entities and by physical persons without leaving any documents.

The device used for phone forensics supports over 20,000 different phone models. In order for us to answer you precisely, you need to give us the exact name or model of the device, for example, Samsung SM-J530F. You can view this tag, depending on the model, on the back of the phone, below the battery, on the battery, or in the phone settings in the “About Device” section.

Yes, it is. Wherever you are, the conditions for using the GSM eavesdroppers are that the device is set up in a place where there is a phone signal. Also, you must have a cellular signal on your mobile phone.

It's not. With the help of text and video instructions, it is possible to install the software in the target phone by yourself in just a few minutes.

The software is not visible among applications located on the mobile phone screen.

Yes, it can be. The manual is adapted so that people with minimal knowledge of the phone’s operating system can install spy software.

To track someone's Viber, it is necessary to install the software in the phone of the person who you want to spy on. For this you need to have that phone for 5 to 10 minutes.

Yes. By purchasing the device, you will receive a receipt and a warranty.

A WiFi spy camera connects to an Internet network that you have access to (a router that you use on a residential or business premise) and is thus connected with no limit on the range. You must also have an internet signal on the scanning device.

You can listen to conversations in the surrounding of the phone, provided the phone is connected to the Internet at that time.

Before using the product, you must be aware of the fact that for their abuse you can bear the consequences and be prosecuted. If your work is characterized as "violating someone's privacy," you will be responsible for this. Spytech will not be liable for the actions of end users of these products. The users themselves are obliged to respect all local and national laws!!!

1GB can store up to 4 hours of recorded material depending on the resolution of the recording. 128 hours of recorded material will fit a capacity of 32GB.

This is practically impossible, but there are exceptions. This happens if your hearing channel is very narrow, so it is not possible to push the bug completely into your ear, or if there is an emitting device in the room that radiates at the same frequency as the bug (the X-ray for example - which is quite rare).

Yes. Spyware detector is used to locate any device that emits any signal.

The trial period is not binding and it's completely free to make sure of the software quality.

If you are not able to visit our business premises, we will send the devices to you. Yes, we accept cash on delivery.

Standard card size is used such as the ones found in the older phones.

The WiFi spy camera in the smoke sensor is just a camera, not a fire sensor.

The micro-camera in the glasses has a Micro SD card slot that accepts SD cards of the capacity of up to 32 GB.