SpyTech in the media


SpyTech on the portal “Telegraf”: BECOME A DETECTIVE

On the popular internet portal “Telegraf” you can read the interview with Mr. Jovanovic, director of SpyTech, which provides the most popular spyware products in our country. In this interesting article, you can read the anecdotes from our work, but besides that, you can also contact us on our telephone numbers or visit us in our office regarding any type of information about spy equipment.

SpyTech – RTS1 Studio 3 “Series on Espionage”

Interview for Studio 3 of the national TV broadcaster RTS in the office of Alfa Sistem Plus Ltd. d.o.o. In order to record a series on spying and spying equipment, RTS1 was a guest at our premises.

SpyTech – Interview: “The Hygiene of a Mobile Phone”

The hygiene of a mobile phone SpyTech - Interview 3. RTS1 daily overview on "Mobile phone hygiene" at the office of Alfa Sistem Plus d.o.o.

SpyTech – Interview: “Eavesdropping Affair”

Interview for the 3rd RTS1 daily overview in the office of Alfa Sistem Plus d.o.o. The topic of the interview was spying, spying equipment and the eavesdropping affair in our country and in the world.

SpyTech – Interview for the “Belgrade Chronicle” of RTS1

Belgrade Chronicle topic: Who is watching us and privacy protection. Radio Television of Serbia, RTS 1, was a guest at the representative office of ALFA SYSTEM PLUS D.O.O. for the filming of the Belgrade Chronicle on the topic Spying and Privacy Protection.