Purchasing Discretion Purchasing Discretion Guaranteed customer discretion when purchasing
A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
Delivery throughout Europe Delivery throughout Europe The possibility of ordering from all EU countries

14/04/2023 / Miloš Jovanović

Wearable Spy Cameras

Wearable spy cameras are discreet, hidden devices that allow you to record video and audio without being noticed. These tiny gadgets are built into everyday items like glasses, watches, pens,…

02/02/2023 / Miloš Jovanović

Eavesdroppers for Business Premises

Eavesdroppers for business premises are no longer a novelty in the business world. Some companies use them to monitor their employees’ work — their productivity, that is — whereas others…

/ Miloš Jovanović

Spy cameras – eyes on the back of your head

We live in an unsafe environment. It's the impression we get when reading the daily press or watching the everyday news. Robbery, banditry, theft, burglary ... A day doesn’t go…

03/07/2018 / Miloš Jovanović

How to easily locate what was lost with a GPS tracker

Statistics on stolen vehicles indicate an alarming state and show that only during 2020 over 810,000 vehicles were stolen in the USA. Solving criminal offenses on the theft of vehicles…

/ Miloš Jovanović

Spy bugs and eavesdroppers – best practices

Please, admit that at least once in your life you thought that it would be great if you had an important arrangement, a business meeting or a long lecture recorded.…

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